Computer engineering program

The Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (BEng) degree requirements are 48 courses (72.5 units) and four co-op work terms (18 units):

  • 20 core courses in computer and electrical engineering
  • 6 core courses in math/stats
  • 2 core courses in physics
  • 1 core course in chemistry
  • 3 core courses in computer science
  • 6 core courses in engineering
  • 1 core course in economics
  • 1 natural science elective
  • 1 complementary studies elective
  • 7 technical electives
  • 4 co-op work terms as scheduled on the co-op program page


  1. CSC 115 may be substituted in a term when CSC 116 is not offered. CSC 116 is strongly recommended;
  2. ECE 299 is a prerequisite for ECE 399;
  3. ECE 399 is a prerequisite for ECE 499. ECE 399 Design Project I is a team-based technical project complemented with lectures on design and guest speakers on a variety of topics relevant to a professional engineer. This project may be linked to ECE 499 Design Project II;
  4. ECON 180 is normally offered in the summer and fall terms. The summer offering is a condensed offering from May to June.
  5. Seven technical electives are required, selected from the list of technical electives. Bridge students from Camosun must take 2 technical electives from the special bridge student's elective list;
  6. Students normally take ENGR 446 in the term preceding the final term of their academic program (academic or work term).

Technical electives and ECE specializations

Specializations are optional. The program requires completion of seven technical electives (10.5 units) to be chosen from the list of technical electives categorized by specialization. Students who complete three courses (4.5 units) from a category can request a specialization letter from the electrical and computer engineering office; the specialization area will not be shown on the transcript.

Students who entered the program via a bridge program must take at least two courses (i.e., 3.0 units) from the Special Bridge Students' Elective List.

Check the academic schedule - ECE technical elective courses on when technical electives are normally offered. Note that some courses appear under more than one category. Not all technical electives are offered every year.

Other 400-level or graduate courses may be considered as technical electives with the permission of the department, and Dean of Graduate Studies as required (refer to "registration in graduate courses by undergraduates" in the calendar).