Courses from other institutions

You may consider taking an outside course due to scheduling conflict, course full, or to lighten workload during academic terms by taking a course on a work term. Courses from other institutions may be taken for credit as long as the course is deemed equivalent. Many university level courses transfer directly to UVic, mainly in the humanities, social sciences and sciences area. Some of these courses are available by distance or online and lend themselves to completion while registered in a work term. Thompson Rivers University Open Learning (TRUOL) and Athabasca University offer a variety of online or correspondence courses. If a course is to be taken in a work term, written permission from both the employer and engineering co-op is required (i.e. GPA ≥ 4).

To take a course outside UVic, fill out the transfer credit referral form under forms on the ECE advising page. This form allows you to obtain a letter of permission from the faculty to study outside UVic and to ensure your transfer credit will be recognized. Credit for courses completed outside UVic will only be granted for courses in which a grade of C or higher, or the equivalent, is awarded. Have the form approved by the ECE Advisor (), then submit it to Engineering Undergraduate Office (EUO) at EOW 206. It takes normally a week for the letter to be issued.

Once the academic advisor has approved the form or on receipt of the letter of permission, one may register for the course at the other institution. Be cognizant of the other institution's deadlines for course application and completion.

On completion of the course, ask the institution to forward a transcript to UVic Undergraduate Records. The letter of permission contains the mailing details.

If you take a course without requesting a letter of permission, there's a risk that the transfer credit may not be accepted. Moreover, a fee is levied by undergraduate records for processing the transfer credit after the fact.

Check out the BC Transfer Guide to find an equivalent course at other BC institutions. A sampling of commonly taken courses are listed below. Equivalencies may expire so always verify with the academic advisor.

  • COM 220 as BBUS 2721 at TRUOL
  • EPHE 143 as PHED 1439 at TRUOL
  • EOS 120 as GEOL 1111 at TRUOL
  • EOS 170 as GEOL 2391 at TRUOL
  • CSC 115 as COMP 272 at Athabasca.
  • ENGL 135 as ENGL 1101/1999 at TRUOL, or ENGL 255 at Athabasca
  • MATH 100 as MATH 1141 at TRUOL
  • MATH 101 as MATH 1241 at TRUOL
  • MATH 200 as MATH 2111 at TRUOL
  • MATH 201 as MATH 252 at Camosun (MATH 201 is equivalent to MATH 204)
  • STAT 260 as STAT 2709 at TRUOL, or STAT 218 at Camosun (STAT 260 may replace STAT 254)