Program modifications

Students wishing to deviate from the standard program schedule such as taking fewer courses per term to reduce course load, repeating courses, taking consecutive coop work terms, or requesting leave of absence, etc., would need to modify their program by rearranging the required courses and work terms in all subsequent terms to ensure they can complete all of their program requirement within the maximum time allowed.

You can use the Program Planning Worksheet or the Program Scheduling Plan (see forms on the ECE advising page) to rearrange your courses and work terms. Once you have modified your program, simply register for the courses or work terms according to your plan. No approval is required. However, if your work term schedule differs from the standard schedule (see academic schedule), please consult the academic advisor to ensure the co-op office is aware of your plan.

Follow the guideline below when modifying your program:

  1. When using the program scheduling plan, consult the ECE prerequisite chart (found under program modification tools on the ECE advising page). This chart provides a quick overview of the various prerequisites for most courses in the program, and the terms in which they are offered.
  2. Consult the technical electives prerequisites chart (see program modification tools). This chart provides a quick overview of the various prerequisites for all of the 4th year technical electives and the term in which they are normally offered.
  3. When arranging work terms, avoid stacking all the work terms at the end. Coop seldom supports this. No more than 1 work term should be scheduled after the last academic term unless necessary.
  4. If you encounter difficulty or require advice in modifying your program, please contact the academic advisor () during office hours.