Student groups

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AUVic team members attending Robosub 2011

Through various engineering social groups and organizations, students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have ample opportunity to meet their fellow class mates. Students share similar goals, pursuits and frustrations, thus there is a strong communal spirit which binds the students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering's B.Eng. program. Group activities, such as social events, pub crawls, fundraisers, and group projects ensure students form lasting connections with one another. Be sure to take a few minutes to check out the websites listed below. They provide links to ECE student homepages, and engineering extra-curricular clubs and organizations.

AUVic - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Group

AUVic is a student-run group open to anyone interested in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and underwater technology.

This competition involves the design, construction, programming and testing of a fully autonomous underwater vehicle, which combines the knowledge of mechanical, electrical, computer and software engineering.

ECEGrad - ECE Graduate Students

The ECE Graduate Students webpage, maintained by the ECE graduate student representative, provides information on resources for graduate students, information for new graduate students, and other items ECE graduate student related.

ESS - Engineering Students' Society

The ESS executive are a group of people that help to improve the quality of UVic Engineering life outside of classes. The positions are completely voluntary, and each exec spends approximately 5-10 hours per week involved in organizing, developing, and communicating ESS events and services. The length that an exec may hold a position may not exceed 16 months (2 school terms and 2 co-op terms).

IEEESB - IEEE Student Branch

The IEEE Student Branch is an affiliation of the IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) a worldwide technical professional society devoted to advancing the theory and application of electrical engineering, electronics and computing.

SV - Science Venture

Do you have a passion for engineering, are you a born leader, can you articulate your thoughts and ideas to others? Science Venture is a student run organization providing hands-on science experience for children in grades 3 to 9. Over the years it has expanded to include summer science daycamps, full-day teacher's workshops, elementary school workshops, travelling roadtrips, and community science shows.

UVic AERO - University of Victoria Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Team

UVic AERO is a group of students comprised of all engineering disciplines, computer science, business, and marketing. As a team they compete annually in design and performance based competitions and give back to the community through outreach and workshop events.

AERO provides students with the opportunity to apply our academics to real-world problems, providing us with hands-on experience in a variety of fields including aircraft design, electronics, software system design, robotics, automation, and many more.

UVOS - University of Victoria Optical Society

The University of Victoria Optical Society (UVOS) is a student based group founded in 2013 that promotes student research in the optics and photonics fields. The student organization currently has two sponsors; the Optical Society of America (OSA), and SPIE - the International Society for Optics and Photonics.

WECS - Women in Engineering and Computer Science

Women in Engineering and Computer Science (WECS) encourages and supports gender diversity in Engineering, Computer Science, and other technical fields

WECS supports a variety of excellent initiatives, including outreach programs that introduce Brownies and Girl Guides to Engineering and Computer Science as fun and accessable areas of interest, helping first year students with computing concepts and arranging technical speaking events where students can meet and be inspired by people who are already working in a variety of technical areas.