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Two UVic students standing outdoors next to their tree-planting robot
Like problem-solving and building machines? Our undergraduate programs let you do just that. Electrical engineering co-op students Nick Birch and Tyler Rhodes built a tree-planting robot to help fight deforestation.

Electrical engineering or computer engineering?

  • An electrical engineer is involved in the design and study of various electrical and electronic systems, such as electricity generation and transmission, consumer electronics, control systems, signal processing, computer design, sensor design, telecommunications, biomedical imaging, and mechatronics.
  • A computer engineer is similar to an electrical engineer but focuses extensively on computer applications, such as computer hardware design, microprocessors, software and operating systems design, embedded systems and microcontrollers, and mechatronics.

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Co-operative education

Our mandatory co-op program means you'll get real hands-on experience while working in professional settings.

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Discover how you can specialize even further with our diverse program options and find out what kind of exciting careers a degree in electrical or computer engineering can lead to.

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