Camosun college bridge program

Have you graduated from a two year college-level technology program and do you want to obtain your bachelors degree in electrical, computer, or mechanical engineering?

The University of Victoria, in partnership with Camosun College in Victoria, accepts students directly into third year of one of their BEng programs provided they have been admitted to and successfully completed the corresponding 6 month Camosun bridge program.

Bridge programs at Camosun College, which transfer to UVic, start in early July of each year and require the completion of approximately six months of studies in various areas of mathematics, computer science, basic science and engineering which are covered in years one and two of our BEng program but which are not part of a technology program. Students complete the bridge courses just before Christmas and enter the University of Victoria in term 3A in the immediately following January. The BEng degree requires completion of all courses in terms 3A, 3B, 4A, and 4B as well as four four-month work terms while registered at UVic. A maximum of two of the required work terms may be credited to the student for recognized work terms in her/his technology program or by challenge for one or more years of technical employment.

The electrical and computer engineering bridge consists of 14 courses.