Student life

Getting involved with other engineering and computer science students is easy with a wide range of clubs, events and competitions.

Featured event

The 24-hour bug push is an annual fundraiser of the Engineering Students' Society. A key event in kicking off the university-wide charity drive for the United Way, the bug push is an all-day marathon of pushing a hollowed-out Volkswagen around Ring Road. The car is rigged up for the adventure and teams of volunteers push for a few laps.

Featured contest

First-year engineering students and industry representatives divided into teams to design and build electromagnetic, micro-controlled cranes over the course of a single day in the design engineering challenge. Participants had fun and gained an enhanced knowledge of the design process, stronger teamwork skills, and a better understanding of the engineering profession.

Employment event

The business and hi-tech career fair connects students with employers from the business and hi-tech industries. More than 70 exhibitors attend this event to connect with students. It's a great chance to meet employers and learn about these exciting industries.