Principles & guidelines

Principles for internal communications

The University of Victoria is committed to “internal communications practices that enhance individual, unit and organizational effectiveness, promote a sense of shared enterprise and meaningful purpose, and facilitate opportunities for collaboration across the campus.” (Strategy 1.4, A Strategic Framework for the University of Victoria: 2018 – 2023)

Our internal communications will be:

  • Meaningful: the information we share both formally and informally is relevant and clearly expressed, involves colleagues in appropriate and timely ways, and encourages positive action.
  • Open and transparent: in keeping with UVic’s values, our communications with colleagues are consistently honest, accessible and authentic, while also being sensitive to issues of confidentiality.
  • Respectful: our approaches to communications are inclusive, positive and mindful of colleagues’ diverse perspectives and needs.
  • Engaging: in all our various roles, we seek broad input and dialogue to ensure that we are responding to colleagues’ needs, involving them in decisions that impact their work, and honouring their important roles within the university.

Publication guidelines & standards

Your publication represents the university and contributes to its public image. We have developed some publication guidelines to help UVic print publications achieve a degree of consistency and professionalism and reflect well on the university.