Nick Clewley

Nick Clewley
Strategic Marketing
Office: DTB 345a

I lead a team that wants people to immediately recognize UVic and know what makes it different from other universities (hint: the Edge). I write long plans (called briefs) that set out what we’re we going to do, for whom, why should they care, and when and where should it happen. These plans then go to the creative team to turn into ideas, words, designs, photos, ads, brochures, videos and the like. I make sure that what we do makes strategic sense, backed by research.
My team also works with units on campus to help them market themselves as part of the UVic Edge brand. We help with the who, what, where, when and why for recruitment, fundraising, event marketing and more.
And I manage UVic’s Edge brand guidelines, which is the campus’ favorite go-to site for tips, tools and templates (right?)