Campus traffic survey 2018

Project information

The Sustainability Action Plan: Campus Operations 2014-2019 sets out a goal of increasing the use of transit, cycling, walking and carpooling to 70% of the transportation modal split by 2019.

In an effort to monitor the university's progress toward this goal, a comprehensive survey of campus traffic for a typical weekday period was conducted by Bunt and Associates Engineering in October 2018. Similar surveys have been conducted since 1996, with the last one in 2016. To ensure consistency with the previous surveys, the approach and methodology was replicated. 

Summary of 2018 results: 

  • A 2.3% decrease in auto driver mode share
  • Pedestrian volumes increased by 18% from 2016
  • Cyclist volumes increased by 10.8% from 2016
  • Vehicles entering and exiting the University during the seven peak hours of manual counts decreased from 2016 to 2018 by approximately 8%
  • Travel modes of transit, pedestrians, vehicles with passengers and cyclists account for 63% of all trips

The Traffic Survey provides up to date information for parking management purposes and the planning for new development projects on campus. It also assists in the liaison with Oak Bay and Saanich on new capital project approvals and the discussion on roadway, traffic, cycling and parking issues.

You can find more information by reading the 2018 Campus Traffic Survey Final Report or by visiting the Planning studies and reports page to view past UVic Traffic Surveys.

You can also view the latest cyclist and pedestrian count of UVic's South Campus Entrance Multi-Use Pathway North of Ring Rd: