Epic photos

Female student in UVic's animal bone lab

A sense of immersion, details and authenticity help build an epic photo.

Male student in SCUBA gear emerging from the water

Attitude and a surprising perspective add impact to shots.

Female student standing on rocks near the ocean

Scale, vantage point and dramatic lighting highlight the Edge and our extraordinary environment.

Epic photos are mostly used for institutional marketing campaigns that exemplify UVic Edge storytelling. These photos are epic in storytelling scale and showcase our key messages of dynamic learning, vital impact and extraordinary academic environment. Epic photos can also conceptually demonstrate the idea of an "edge."

Epic photos will be conceptualized and commissioned by the Creative Development team in UC+M.


These are "heroic" photos that reflect our key themes: dynamic learning, vital impact and extraordinary academic environment. Epic photos amplify those themes by presenting subjects in unexpected ways. UVic has countless stories that can be told through this lens; with the addition of creative conceptual thinking these photos can become extraordinary. These photos are about spirit, scope and scale.


Primarily for institutional marketing campaigns and initiatives.


Epic photos are planned and shot by the Creative Development team in UC+M. If you think you have a story that would make an epic photo, contact the Creative and Marketing Officer.

What makes a good epic photo?

  • Heroic spotlight: Stature, attitude and lighting create a heroic subject. When the subject is a person, viewers should be able to see the subject's face and expression, although they don't need to be looking directly into the camera.
  • Dramatic, surprising perspective: Arresting and unexpected vantage points either in the context or camera angle.
  • Sense of immersion: Viewers should feel a strong sense of the story environment, with telling details that add interest.
  • Bold, visceral impact: Setting, vantage point, scale and surrounding elements should add drama and cinematic impact.
  • Authentic: The image may be surprising with unusual juxtapositions but it should always be and feel real and credible (e.g. not a Photoshop fabrication).