A social media avatar is the small image that is displayed next to your name. Some people also call them profile photos or logos.

We've created three styles. Feel free to choose which of the three you like best and swap them out periodically.

It is important for all departments to use the official UVic social media avatars. This will help create a cohesive visual identity that makes it easier for people to identify official UVic social media accounts.


Sample 1

Style 1

Sample 2

Style 2

Sample 3

Style 3

Why is UVic not included in the graphic?

Avatars are always displayed next to your name (e.g. ). We recommend that you should always include "UVic" in your name. This means that the martlet and your department name will always be displayed next to the word "UVic" on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The UVic mark should not be used in your social media avatar.

How do I change my avatar?


Administrative and Research Units

If you are not a faculty or academic department, your avatars are probably in this zip file. If you can't find yours, please email 

Download all (zip)



Fine Arts

Human and Social Development



Medical Science


Social Sciences

Is your department not on this list? Please contact  for assistance.