Epic videos

About epic videos

This style of video is used for institutional brand videos that exemplify Edge storytelling. These videos are epic in storytelling scale and showcase our key messages of dynamic learning, vital impact and extraordinary academic environment. Epic video is commissioned, conceptualized and scripted by University Communications + Marketing.


See more videos from the Video Style - Epic playlist on YouTube.

How to use


These are conceptual videos that reflect our key Edge messages of dynamic learning, vital impact and extraordinary academic environment. They showcase the Edge, are emotive and personally connect with key audiences. They will amplify those themes by presenting stories in creative, emotive and well-produced ways, with budget available for directors, writers, talent and music when needed.


For institutional marketing campaigns and initiatives, such as brand awareness and central recruitment.


Epic videos are strategically planned as part of university objectives within an overall communications and marketing plan. If it's determined that an epic video fits within the strategy, University Communications + Marketing will develop a creative brief for the video. Depending on capacity and resources required, the video will be conceptualized, scripted and shot internally or outsourced.

What makes a good epic video?

  • Cinematic storytelling: Epic videos tell stories, not with interviews or talking heads, but through conceptualized scenes and visuals where words, music, lighting and action can combine to create a movie-like feeling.
  • Dramatic, surprising perspective: Arresting and unexpected vantage points either in the context or camera angle.
  • Sense of immersion: Viewers should feel a strong sense of the story environment, with telling details that add interest.
  • Bold, visceral impact: Setting, vantage point, scale and surrounding elements should add drama and cinematic impact.
  • Authentic: The scenes may be surprising with unusual juxtapositions but it should always feel real and credible.
  • Time-appropriate: The overall length of the video should be such that it keeps the audience's attention.