Experiential videos

About experiential videos

These videos speak to the key messages through the use of testimonials and footage of activities happening in the moment. The goal is to capture authentic accounts of dynamic learning, vital impact and our extraordinary academic environment, in order to reinforce the university's story or promote specific faculties, units and programs.


See more videos from the Video style - Experiential playlist on YouTube.

How to use


In many ways, these videos are the core of the UVic story. While epic video makes the viewer see our stories in a very different and powerful way, experiential video is an invitation to become immersed in the day-to-day richness of UVic programs and people through first-hand storytelling.


To support the university's story and for faculty, unit and program communications and marketing efforts. These videos can be used to promote academic units, to support fundraising efforts and to communicate research.


If an experiential video supports your communications or marketing objective, contact the  for guidance.

This style of video should be professionally shot, with enough time to plan how to best capture appropriate footage. We recommend attending the Filming the Edge workshop to learn more about process and available resources. All experiential vides should include an Edge video bumper, available from the .

What makes a good experiential video?

  • Supporting the story: Select stories that support dynamic learning, vital impact and our extraordinary academic environment. 
  • Immersive: Find a point-of-view that captures authenticity and brings the viewer in.
  • On-message: Don't script the subject. Instead, ask questions that evoke answers related to the key messages.
  • B-roll: Include caught in the moment footage of activities that support the key messages.
  • Time-appropriate: The overall length of the video should be such that it keeps the audience's attention. One to three minutes is recommended.