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Additional actions and priorities

Our Equity Action Plan includes additional actions to make campus more inclusive for all.

We have identified a few related to the Accessibility Plan. They are prioritized based on our principles and consultations.

From the Equity Action Plan

Encourage and support instructors and teaching assistants to implement inclusive course design, teaching practices and assessments.

Ensure UVic’s commitments to and resources (accommodations and support) for students and employees with disabilities are featured in all academic and hiring recruitment materials.

Develop a collection of job description templates that are written in plain language, equity-centred and focused on skills.

Increase access to experiential learning for systemically and historically marginalized groups and strengthen university and student connections with the wider community.

Develop and release an inclusive washroom plan with timelines, locations and regular progress reports.

Carry out the Better Data Project to establish clear guidelines and governance concerning the collection of self-identification data to evaluate and inform the actions associated with the EAP.

Update UVic’s Policy on Human Rights, Equity and Fairness to communicate the university’s responsibilities related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Take action

Learn how you can remove barriers and advance accessibility in your role at UVic.