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UVic will expand on the work already underway to advance and support accessibility and inclusion, including through training and awareness efforts.

How will we advance this priority

Create and update a repository of definitions related to accessibility.

Create and regularly review a central resource page for people with disabilities.

Develop self-paced courses for faculty, librarians and staff to learn about accessibility.

Educate and engage leaders to champion accessibility work.

Develop universal design for learning (UDL) resources, tools and templates appropriate to disciplines.

Champion student-led events promoting accessibility.

Continue offering accessibility resources for instructors through Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation.

Skill up the Facilities Management planning team to implement an accessibility lens on all new builds and renovations.

Additional information

This priority supports several Equity Action Plan goals:

  • Develop and implement accessibility training for all managers, directors and instructors to increase their capacity to support university community members with disabilities.
  • Promote and support professional development opportunities and events that build an inclusive campus and culture.
  • Incentivize faculty and staff to prioritize building an inclusive and equitable campus including developing performance evaluation tools that incorporate and assess equity, diversity and inclusion skills, competencies and achievements.


We launched a central resource page on Sept. 1, 2023 that we will update as needed.

We plan to have training modules on accessibility available to all faculty and staff in 2024/25.