Formatting your content

Once you've got the perfect web content, it's time to format and organize it.

You don't need to worry about font type, size or alignment because it's built into Cascade (our content management system).

Calendar tip: If you're linking to calendar pages, leave the year off! The link will automatically go to the latest version, and you won't have to update it.


Formatting basics

  • Use "chunks" of content. Break large blocks of text up with white space.
  • Aim for short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Bulleted lists of short, high-impact sentences make scanning easier.
  • Don't underline anything unless it's a link.


Please use H2 code for main headings and H3s for sub-headings. You don't need to bold them. You'll find these in the drop-down menu in Cascade that starts with "paragraph."

Content containers

Break up your text by using content containers like accordions and tabs.

Style Guide basics

All UVic websites and print material should follow the UVic Style Guide. You can read it online or download a PDF.

  • Use sentence case for headings. Example: “Parents and visitors” not “Parents and Visitors.”
  • Format phone numbers 250-222-3333.
  • Numbers: one to nine are written out; 10 and up are numerals.
  • Spell out University of Victoria in its first reference on a page, then UVic.
  • Department names are capitalized but the field is not: “Department of Geography” but “a geography student.”

Common errors to avoid

Learn more in one of our writing for the web workshops.