Content styles

When you're adding or editing content, using content styles will help your site's visitors understand what they're looking at or clicking on.

Link styles

Link styles let users know they're going to be loading a file or have to log in to see a link.

  • - When linking to an email address, use the email class.
  • file link (PDF 32kb) - When linking to a file, use the file class. It's also very helpful to include file type and size info.
  • external link - When linking to another website, use the external class.
  • secure link - When linking to pages that require signing in to view, use the secure class.

Social media link styles

We also have link styles for various social media types. These should be used when linking to any social media.


If you are comfortable editing HTML, you can add class="example" to any link. See the above list for names of each class you can use.


<a class="facebook" href="">Like us on Facebook</a>

<a class="external" href="">Visit Victoria</a>