Small buttons

Small buttons are usually used as links to find out more information. 


Read more

When to use small buttons

  • You'll see them most often as "read more" links within billboards.
  • They can also be used in column boxes and lists of stories or profiles.

Guidelines for using small buttons

  • These buttons are designed to be seen after the content, linking to more information.
  • Because they're small, the buttons can easily be missed while quickly scanning the page. Make sure they're not the only link -- link story titles and images as well.
  • They should not link to other sites but keep the user on the current site.
  • Recommended text for the small buttons is "Read more." Avoid using long titles.


Setting up capsule buttons requires working with HTML. We can create these buttons for you or you can come to a drop-in session for help.
The buttons are set up as a link with a class.

To make a button, modify this code:

<a href="index.php" class="btn_sml">Read more</a>