Promo buttons

Promo buttons are used to promote events, special projects, contests, newsletters or even services.

Promo button example

promo examplePromo button

When to use promo buttons

  • There is space for two of these buttons in the right hand column, above and below the content there (example: Social Sciences).

Guidelines for using promo buttons

  • Promo buttons are designed to draw attention on internal pages without distracting from page content.
  • Think of them as secondary items compared to the title bar buttons; things you want users to see but don't need them to see.
  • You'll need to change buttons as events, projects or contests come and go.
  • If you don't need to promote anything and feel strongly about your title bar buttons, you can re-use their content here.


We will design a promo button for you at no cost. After the button is created, we will add the promo button to your site for you. Contact us to get started.