Common problems

Netlink ID common problems

I forgot my passphrase

If you have forgotten your passphrase, you can reset it online. You will be asked for some personal information including your NetLink ID and V Number.

I want to change my passphrase

If you know your passphrase, you can change it at any time online.

My account has been deactivated. How do I reactivate it?

If you can't access your account because it has been locked or deactivated, please contact the Computer Help Desk for assistance.


I want a different NetLink ID. How do I change it?

Important note: there may be some disruption in services following a NetLink ID change. It’s important to consider the timing of the change (e.g., it would not be recommended to change your NetLink ID right before an online exam). Many systems will update automatically, but others may take as long as 2-3 business days. Devices using wifi will have to be updated manually.

If you wish to change your NetLink ID (e.g. due to a name change) please contact the Computer Help Desk at 250-721-7687 or

  • There is no charge to change your NetLink ID with a valid reason.
  • Repeated requests may incur a cost.
  • Requests must abide by university policies.
  • We reserve the right to refuse requests if they will adversely impact the integrity of our systems.

You can learn more about managing your online name on the University Systems website.

What is a passphrase?

A passphrase is a series of words or text used to access UVic systems such as Online Tools or Brightspace, along with your NetLink ID. A passphrase is used similarly to a password, but is generally longer for added security.

Your NetLink passphrase must be between 12 and 128 characters long and can contain the following characters:

  • lowercase letters
  • uppercase letters
  • digits
  • spaces
  • these special characters: !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~

The passphrase will also be validated against known data breaches from Have I been Pwned.

Learn more about passphrase requirements and tips

I need a NetLink ID, but I'm not a student or employee

If you need access to UVic electronic resources, but are outside the UVic community, a sponsor can apply for you to get an external affiliate identity. Examples of external affiliates are:

  • Guest researchers
  • Visiting lecturers
  • Staff paid on a contract basis
  • Visiting students

Learn more about how to get an affiliate identity

What is my V Number?

Your V Number is the identifier UVic provides you when you first join. Since 2007 - everyone connected with UVic is issued a V Number.

  • Undergraduate students will have received their V Number when they were accepted into UVic. You can find your V Number on your student card or in your application confirmation email. Contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.
  • Graduate students will have received their V Number when they were accepted into UVic. You can find your V Number on your student card or in your application confirmation email. Contact the Graduate Admissions and Records Office for assistance.
  • Continuing Studies students will have received their V Number on their registration receipt. Contact Continuing Studies for assistance.
  • Faculty and staff (current and former) will have received their V Number upon becoming an employee. Contact Payroll for assistance.
  • Former students and alumni will have the same V Number as when they were a student or will have been assigned one in 2008. Contact Office of the Registrar for assistance.
  • Affiliates will have received their V Number from their UVic sponsors. Contact your sponsor for assistance.

What will the university do with my email/phone/address?

The University of Victoria is committed to treating personal information in accordance with FIPPA and the university's privacy policy. The collection of personal information by the University of Victoria is in accordance with section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the University Act.

The university uses the personal information for the purposes of providing educational and related services. For a detailed listing of the collection purposes see Protection of Privacy Policy: Schedule A, Procedures for the Management of Personal Information on the University Secretary's website.

Should you have any questions concerning your personal information please contact the access and privacy office at

What does it mean to have Restricted under Preferred email?

As an employee you are required to use a UVic approved email address when conducting University business. A UVic approved email address is hosted by UVic or a service provider that has been approved to host UVic email.

The use of non-UVic approved email address to transmit personal information is not authorized by UVic’s Protection of Privacy Policy and poses a significant problem for compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Along with being a disclosure of that personal information to your third-party email provider who is not authorized to have access to that personal information.

For instructions on how to change your preferred email address you can refer to the how to update preferred email. If you have any questions, want to request a different email domain to be approved, or require any assistance, please contact the Computer Help Desk for assistance:

Am I eligible for a NetLink ID and how do I get one?

To get a NetLink ID, you must have a V Number, which can be assigned to you through many means (see 'What is my V Number?') If you know your V Number, you can get your NetLink ID.

You are eligible for a NetLink ID if you are a:

  • applicant who has submitted their application to UVic
  • current undergraduate or graduate student
  • continuing studies student
  • faculty or staff member
  • former student or alumni
  • affiliate with a UVic sponsor

The passphrase reset form didn't work for me - what can I do?

If you are unable to change or reset your passphrase, you can contact the Computer Help Desk for assistance:

Additional information

Our commitment to your security and privacy

  • We maintain strict control over who can access your personal information
  • We help keep your personal information safe if your identity information is lost or stolen
  • We collect only personal information for the services you need access to

Signing in and your privacy

Your NetLink ID is your online identification at the University of Victoria. NetLink IDs can be used to access the computing services and applications which use the Sign in Service. Signing into UVic means you just need to enter your NetLink username and password once for most services on campus.

Protect your NetLink ID username and passphrase
Remember to sign out!

It is your responsibility to protect your account by ensuring you are signed out before leaving your computer.

Policies and guidelines

By signing in you will be authorized to access your applications and websites that use the Sign in to UVic service. Use is subject to but not limited to the following policies and guidelines:

For further information, see the listing of University Policies.