Wireless printing

Add facility printers: Windows 10

  1. Before you start this procedure, ensure the following:

    • Your wireless card and its drivers have been installed and you have rebooted your laptop since the installation.
    • Your laptop is powered on and booted up.
    • You are in an area with wireless coverage.
    • Your computer's wireless switch or button is turned on.
    • You have a NetLink ID and password.
    • You must be a current studentfaculty, or staff member with a NetLink ID and password.
    • Your computer must be set up to use the UVic Wireless Network. Please ensure that you are connected to the secure wireless network UVic before proceeding.
    • Your computer must have the PaperCut client program installed, running, and logged in with your NetLink ID. If it is not, please install the PaperCut client before proceeding.
  2. Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, and type the following: \\papercut  and press Enter. An Explorer window with a list of print queues will open on the Desktop.

    wireless printing win10
  3. Find the name of the print queue you wish to add in the list (CLE-BW, CLEUF-C, CLELF-C, BEC-BW, BEC-C, HSD-BW, or HSDCLR. See more information about the locations and capabilities of our print queues.)

    wireless printing win10
  4. Right-click on the print queue you would like to use and choose Connect... from the context menu. Windows will download the drivers for the printer and add it as a device.

Your computer is now configured for wireless printing.

Questions or problems? Please contact Computer Help Desk staff or visit us in one of our Computer Help Desk or Student Computing Facility locations.