Wireless printing

Add facility printers: Mac

  1. Before you start this procedure, ensure the following:
    • Your wireless card and its drivers have been installed and you have rebooted your laptop since the installation.
    • Your computer is powered on and booted up.
    • Your computer is running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.
    • You are in an area with wireless coverage.
    • Your computer's wireless switch or button is turned on.
    • You have a NetLink ID and password.
    • You must be a current studentfaculty, or staff member with a NetLink ID and password.
    • Your computer must be set up to use the UVic Wireless Network. Please ensure that you are connected to the secure wireless network UVic before proceeding
    • Your computer must have the PaperCut client installed, running, and logged in with your NetLink ID. If the PaperCut client is installed but not running, please launch it before proceeding. Otherwise, please install the PaperCut client.
  2. From the Apple menu, open System Preferences...

    Screen capture of Finder with Apple menu open and
  3. Click on the icon labelled Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners.

    Screen capture of System Preferences windown with Print & Scan highlighted
  4. Click on the lock icon labelled "Click the lock to make changes".

    Screen capture of Print & Scan preference pane with Unlock highlighted
  5. Type a user name and password of an administrator account you use on your computer (not your NetLink ID). Click OK.

    Screen capture of authentication dialogue box
  6. Click Add (+).

    Screen capture of Print & Scan preference pane with Add (+) highlighted
  7. In the Add window, right-click in the grey area next to the search bar.

    Screen capture of Add dialogue box with context menu open and Customize Toolbar... selected
  8. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar, next to Windows.

    Screen capture of Add dialogue box with customization menu open and Advanced added to tool bar.
  9. Select Advanced.
    From the Type list, select Windows printer via spoolss.
    From the Device list, select Another Device.
    In URL, type the full path of any of the print queues in our facilities. The full paths begin with "smb://papercut/" and then print queue name (CLE-BW, CLEUF-C, CLELF-C, BEC-BW, BEC-C, HSD-BW, HSDCLR; details on their locations and capabilities are available).
    In Name, copy the queue name or type another name that will identify this print queue.
    In Use, select Generic PostScript Printer.
    Click Add.
    Screen capture of Add dialogue box with printer details filled in
  10. At the setup screen, ensure that Duplex Printing Unit is checked. Click OK (10.6) or Continue (10.7 and 10.8).

    Screen capture of printer setup screen with Duplex Printing Unit and Continue highlighted
  11. The print queue should appear in your printer list, under the name you gave it in step 7.

    Screen capture of Print & Scan preference pane with newly-installed CLEUF-BW print queue displayed in the device list
  12. Open any program with printing capability (such as a web browser or word processor) and print any document to authenticate to the printers. You won't have to release this document or pay for it for this to work.
    Enter your NetLink ID and password.
    Ensure that Remember this password in my keychain is checked.
    Click OK.

    Screen capture of authentication dialogue box with NetLink ID and password filled in and 'Remember this password in my keychain' checked

Your computer is now configured for wireless printing.

Questions or problems? Please contact computing facility staff or visit us in the Clearihue, Business and Economics, or Human and Social Development buildings for assistance.