Student research

Geography Master’s student Alessia Kockel explains her research on Marine Protected Areas in the Philippines. This film was produced by geography undergraduate student Levi Hildebrand.

Students undertake their own research for undergraduate courses, during an honours undergraduate degree, as a recipient of the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award, or during graduate degrees.

Presenting student research

Students have a variety of opportunities to share and present their research, both at UVic and elsewhere. Common options for early-career researchers include:

  • Bridging the Gap, an annual student conference organized by the UVic Department of Geography
  • JCURA Research Fair, a UVic undergraduate research fair for recipients of the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award (JCURA)
  • WDCAG Meeting, an annual meeting of the Western Division, Canadian Association of Geographers. The location of this conference changes from year to year.

Students are encouraged to present their research and attend conferences when possible, as this promotes networking, community building, development of presentation skills, and exploration of other areas of geography.