Sample project questions

Our students and faculty researchers are examining some very challenging and broad-ranging questions that may pique your curiosity in the field of geography.

Take a look at what our people are investigating, and for more details, see individual faculty members' research on our site.

What role have women played in the property market of Oak Bay, a middle-class suburb of Victoria, BC?

Brandy Patterson (MA student)

What are the appropriate transportation planning principles for a harsh northern environment like that of Iqaluit, Northwest Territories?

Dana Copithorne (MA student)

How can tribal parks be implemented to benefit First Nations, local communities and conservation? Clayoquot Sound

Eli Enns (MA student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)

What tools are used to manage small-scale fisheries in traditional societies? Comoros

Melissa Hauzer (MA student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)

To what extent are local health areas in British Colubmia self-sufficient for food?

Aleck Ostry (faculty member), Kathryn Morrison (MSc student)

What are the effects of intensive fertilization on soil nutrient cycling in central BC

Dan Harrison (MSc student), Doug Maynard (sessional instructor), Olaf Niemann (faculty member)

Measuring coastal erosion and beach dune morphodynamics in Haida Gwaii

Jeff Anderson (MSc student), Jordan Eamer (research assistant), Ian Walker (faculty member)

Studying coastal erosion and beach dune morphodynamics in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Ucluelet, BC

Hawley Beaugrand (MSc student), Derek Heathfield, Ian Walker (faculty member)

Quantifying patterns in grizzly bear habitat use near Hinton, Alberta
Mary Smulders (MSc student)

Characterizing spatial-temporal patterns of forest fires in Canada

Nick Gralewicz (MSc student)

What do avoidable hospitalization rates tell us about access to primary care across BC?

Eric Druyts (MSc student), Denise Cloutier-Fisher (faculty member)

Studying coastal erosion and beach dune morphodynamics in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, BC

Hawley Beaugrand (MSc student), Ian Walker (faculty member)

Did the establishment of alder facilitate the development of spruce forests 10,000 years ago?

Laura May (MSc student)

What is the ecological history of plant communities on Haida Gwaii since the last glaciation?

Michelle Delepine (MSc student)

Is the whale shark watching industry on Isla Holbox, Mexico being managed effectively for its long-term sustainability?

Jackie Ziegler (MSc student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)

What is the role of aquatic herbaceous vegetation in the Amazon floodplain carbon cycle, and how is it affected by short and long term climatic and environmental variation?

Thiago Sanna Freire Silva (PhD student), Maycira Costa (faculty member)

Studying the optical properties of the waters of the Strait of Georgia

Eduardo Loos (PhD student)

Detecting emerging diseases with animal origins in Sri Lanka

Colin Robertson (PhD student)

What are the relationships between retailing, land use planning, and the public good in Nanaimo, BC?

Pam Shaw (PhD student)

Understanding spatial dynamics of mountain pine beetle in western Canada

Jed Long (PhD student)

What governance model that fits the social and ecological systems influencing Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area?

Mike Walton (PhD student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)

How do different models of protected area governance mediate the flow of costs/benefits to local communities? Clayoquot Sound

Darcy Gray (PhD student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)

How can we make more effective decisions regarding conservation values and types of marine protected areas? Gulf Islands

Wayne Bourque (PhD student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)

Can local people benefit from marine protected area designation? Thailand, Koh Chang

Nathan Bennett (PhD student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)

How can marine protected area networks be designed to be resilient to climate change? Thailand, Andaman coast

Petch Manowapitr (PhD student), Phil Dearden (faculty member)