Currents in Anthropology

2016 Currents in Anthropology Conference

The Department of Anthropology hosted its 3rd Annual Currents in Anthropology Conference on Saturday, March 11th, 2017 . It was a celebration of the research and academic excellence of our students. Podium and poster presentations highlighted the research activities of our Undergraduate and Graduate Students. The day included keynote address by Anthropology's alumna, Jude IsabellaB.A. (Rhode Island), M.A. (UVic). Ms. Isabella gave a an inspiring and pragmatic talk about how Anthropology has guided her professional life every step of the way.

How to find your way to the conference.

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POSTER PRESENTATIONS – 10:00-3:30, Cornett B250

When possible, presenters will be available for questions during breaks in the podium presentations.

1.           Blunt Force Trauma of the Skeleton: Fractures at 50km/h. Don Crawford, Emily Stach, Angela Martens

2.           Cemetery remains or clandestine burial? Jake Bryan, Caitlin Thurley, Trysten Goodridge

3.           Inter/Intra Observer Error Rates for Metric and Morphological Measures to Identify Sex in Unidentified Human Remains. Zachary Rintoul, and Wyatt Schiefelbein

4.           Fiery Forensics: The Impact of Accelerants on Burning Characteristics of Bone. Holly Marsh, Kai Michaluk, Grace Wicken

5.           A Comparison of Three Approaches to Remove Soft Tissue from Putrefied Remains. Maddy Chater, Daniella Baldini, Morgana Zaya

6.           Sharp Force Traumatic Injury Patterns: A Comparison of Class Characteristics from Four Weapons on Domestic Cow and Pig Bones. Torah Lee, Lydia Toorenburgh,

              Hannah Van Adrichem

7.           Washing Away Identity: Tooth Erosion from Household Chemicals. Kayla Berryman, Emily Fairweather, Courtney Sims

8.           Rates of Body Decomposition in Three Burial Environments.  Frank Babuin, Kathryn McAllister

9.           Who’s to Blame? Recognizing Dismemberment Patterns from Canid Scavenging on Bone.  Emma Eslake, Alexandra Bell, Jordan O’Mara

10.         Decoding Degradation: The Rate of DNA Decay in Varied Burial Depth Environments. Cianan Butterfield-Stinson, Lindsey Marsden, Mariel Finnegan-Klein

11.         A Critical Analysis of Morphological and Behavioural Adaptations for Dietary Specialization in Primates. Michelle Smits

12.         Reinforcing and Resisting Global Apartheid: An Analysis of a BBC Podcast Covering Europe’s Migrant “Crisis”.  Ariel Becherer

13.         Grave Monument RTI Photography: Uncovering Inscriptions. Melanie Heizer

14.         Memorials in Danger? A Study of Monuments in Victoria's Jewish Cemetery. Emily Badger, Ryan Schurcoft

15.         Burials in the Emanu-el Jewish Cemetery in Victoria, B.C., and the Use of Concrete Fills. Maya Cowan, Vanessa Tallarico

16.         Archaeology and Archives: Locating Missing Graves in a Jewish Cemetery in Victoria, BC. Taylor Peacock

17.         Archaeological Ink: Recreating Viking Tattoos Using Pig Skin and Charcoal. Alexa Dagan, Melanie Heizer, Taylor Peacock

18.         Viking Burials. Morgan Lochhead, Katie Dierks

19.         Estimating Ancient Urchin Size on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Arianna Nagle

20.         Preliminary Vertebrate Faunal Analysis of Hup'kisakuu7a (93T): Results from 2015 and 2016 Excavations. Bree Bamford

21.         Excavating the Intertidal at Hup’kisakuu7a: a Summary and Artifact Analysis of an archaeological site in the Broken Group Islands, Barkley Sound. Sage Schmied

22.         Skeletonizing Fish with Inexpensive Dishwater Detergent: Testing Experimental Methods for Defleshing and preparing specimens for the UVic Zooarchaeology collection. Paige Lewis

PODIUM PRESENTATIONS – 10:15-3:00, Cornett B235

10:15   Alps, Accordions, Artistry, and Academia: Dynamic Learning Environments and Negotiations of Tradition Among Emergent Swiss Folk Musicians. Sharonne Specker

10:30   Tracing the Visibility of Repatriation in Anthropological Literature. Suzanne Kroeger

10:45   Practicing Repatriation, Projecting Reciprocity: Questions on Expectations of Collaboration and Repatriation in Museum Anthropology. Bradley A. Clements

11:00   Redefining Kinship: Governmental Definition of Migrant Families Bodies in Detention. Anna Lorraine Thompson

11:15   Visual Portrayals of Migration In UK Media: Representing the Migrant Other. John McIver

12:00   Mix, mingle and munchies (light snacks offered) in Cornett B246.

12:15   KEYNOTE ADDRESS. Jude Isabella

1:15     Mix, mingle and munchies (light snacks offered) in Cornett B246.

1:30     The Distribution and Prevalence of Albinism in Tanzania. Kirsten Mathison

1:45     Discovering Bytown’s Barrack Hill Cemetery: Archaeology in the Heart of Downtown Ottawa. Marla MacKinnon

2:00     Preliminary Vertebrate analysis of Column Samples taken from Hup’kisakuu7a (93T, DfSh-43). Spencer Armitage   

2:15     Investigating Handaxe Function at SM-1: Preliminary Results of an Experimental Use-wear Analysis. John Murray

2:30     Heritage Bytes: Experimenting with Digital Exhibitions.  Sierra McKinney

3:00     Closing Remarks

Keynote Address

Jude Isabella, B.A. (Rhode Island), M.A. (UVic)

Jude Isabella completed her interdisciplinary MA in Anthropology and Writing at UVic in 2013. She is a writer with a particular focus on science, health and the environment. Salmon; A Scientific Memoir (published 2014), based on her MA research, chronicles the 4 years she spent with scientists studying British Columbia’s coastal ecosystem. Currently the Editor in Chief of Hakai Magazine, Jude was the managing editor of YES Mag, a Canadian science magazine for kids for over a decade.  As a freelancer, she has written for numerous publications including Archaeology Magazine, Spirituality and Health Magazine, WILD, Nautilus, New Scientist, BC Magazine, Reader's Digest, BBC Wildlife, Loh Down on Science, Blue Ridge Press, and The Tyee. Jude also writes science books for children, including Chit Chat, Celebrating the World's Languages and Fantastic Feats and Failures, which won the American Institute of Physics award for writing in the children’s category.

Thank you to the sponsors – the Department of Anthropology and the Faculty of Social Sciences Dean’s Conference Fund.

Thank you to the Bureau of Anthropology Students (B.O.A.S.) for all their assistance!

Come out and see your fellow students’ research – come for a talk or two, browse the posters, or stay all day!