Funding and program fees

We want your courses—not your finances—to challenge you. Student finances can be intimidating and complicated, so we've tried to simplified things. This section is designed to help you access the information you need.

Anthropology department funding

All students admitted to our graduate program are considered for financial support, with the level of support determined on a competitive basis.

The two principal departmental sources for assistance are:

If funding is offered, it is typically for two years for MA students and for three to four years for PhD students. First class standing and timely progress must be maintained. 

A limited number of graduate awards and fellowships are offered each year to incoming students. These range from $1,000 to $18,000. Some funding offers may include a combination of teaching assistantships, graduate awards, and/or fellowships.

Teaching assistantships

Teaching assistantships typically involve an appointment of 100-120 hours each term for the fall and spring, for a total salary of $5,000-$6,000. Very few teaching assistantships are available for the summer term.

Conference travel or Research participants grants

This departmental grant supports graduate student travel to present at professional conferences or to reimburse research participants for their time.

NOTE that students can apply only once a year (between April 1 and March 31) for either the Travel funds or for the Research participant funds.

Before you apply, please see this document for details on eligibility, priority, amounts and other details.

Application form.

Please note you will be considered for department funding only if you apply to the other potential funding sources below (if eligible).

Additional funding:

Faculty of Graduate Studies travel funding  

CUPE conference fund – travel funding if you are working as a TA 

Financial assistance for international students

Please visit the financial planning website for international students:

UVic awards and fellowships

Centre for Global Studies: Graduate student fellowship opportunites

For more information visit:

UVic Libraries Student Awards


More awards and fellowships...

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has put together information on more awards and fellowships.

External funding

Sara Spencer Foundation Research Awards in Applied Social Sciences

Graduate students in the Social Sciences are encouraged to apply for financial support from the Sara Spencer Foundation. The research must be related directly to the Capital Region District. There are six awards available valued up to $1000 each. Application forms and information are available from the Scholarship Officer in UVic's Faculty of Graduate Studies

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - SSHRC

All eligible students are required to apply for Tri-Council funding (e.g., from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council).

In addition, all students are encouraged to seek funding from other external  and UVIC sources. See the Financial Aid and Funding page on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for additional awards and grants (including grants for travel).

Fulbright Awards

Fulbright Awards for Canadian  graduate students: Information. 

Emergency funding

Life happens... let us help you.

Through Student Awards and Financial Aid, UVic has an emergency loan fund which provides short term assistance to students experiencing an unanticipated and urgent financial crisis.

Tuition and fees

For specific information on your program's cost please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies - Finance site. See the Graduate Academic Calendar for current information regarding awards.

Information on tuition and fees may be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies - Finance site - Tuition and fees.

The MA degree program requires payment of a minimum of 5 full fee installments; the PhD program requires payment of a minimum of 7.5 full fee installments. Each installment represents tuition and fees for each term in which a student is enrolled full-time, regardless of the number of courses in which a student is registered.

The graduate student tuition income offset plan allows students to pay their tuition in four installments over the course of the term.