Disclosures vs Reporting

Disclosure and reporting procedures

The Sexualized Violence and Prevention Policy (GV0245) outlines UVic’s commitment to providing Survivors and Those Impacted by Sexualized Violence with access to immediate health and safety assistance, information about policy process options, as well as Survivor-centered and Trauma-informed opportunities for both disclosing and/or reporting incidents of Sexualized Violence.

A Disclosure is the process of someone sharing their experience of Sexualized Violence.

If you want to file a formal Report, you do so through the SVRO.

  • The purpose of filing a formal Report is to initiate an investigation
  • We will not explore an investigation process unless you have explicitly said that you would like to file a Report.
  • Formal Reporting is not required to get information, support, or access options available to you.

Under the policy UVic commits to:

  • Granting amnesty to any individual who discloses or witnesses Sexualized Violence from any disciplinary action for their personal use of alcohol and substance use occurring at or near the time of the incident.
  • No time limit for anyone who wants to make a disclosure or report their experiences and accessing support under this policy. It is important to note that if there is the intention of initiating a process and a significant amount of time has passed or people are no longer students, staff or faculty at UVic the ability to investigate may be limited.

Anyone who wants to make a Disclosure, or receive detailed information about the reporting options (including process maps and detailed guides on the rights of both Complainants and Respondents) should contact the Sexualized Violence Resource Office at 250-721-8021 or email to book a virtual or in-person appointment. You are welcome to bring a support person to any meeting. In the case of faculty or staff, this may include a colleague or union steward.