Sexualized violence

Lips speaking
Consent. It starts with a conversation.

We all play a role in preventing sexualized violence at UVic. This begins with conversations about how to practice respect and consent in our daily lives. This is important because we all have the right to live, learn and work in a safe and inclusive environment. Whether it’s with our friends, classmates, coworkers, colleagues, teammates or service providers, it’s up to us to respect other people and their boundaries, and to practice consent in all of our interactions. This includes everything from seemingly little things, like taking someone’s photo, to the bigger things that involve asking someone for a kiss or out on a date. Find out how to start the conversation, where to get support, and what you can do to prevent sexualized violence.

The Sexualized Violence Resource Office in EQHR offers information, support, and education for all UVic community members. The Office is the place to go to get confidential advice, access support options, and find out more about UVic’s policy. Located in Sedgewick C119, you can reach the office in person, by phone at 250-721-8021 or by email to