Safer cannabis use

Here are some tips for a safer, more positive, experience with cannabis.

Be clear about why you want to use.

Is it going to help you in some way or make things worse? Use these resources (link to self-reflection/awareness section) to determine if using would be helpful or harmful to your personal vision.

Try a small amount first.

Some strains or forms of cannabis might have a higher THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive component) content or stronger effect than you expect. Use a small amount and wait and see before using more. Especially with edibles, which can take up to four hours before there are any effects.

Avoid cannabis smoke if possible.

Cannabis smoke contains tar and toxins and can be harmful to your lungs. Vaporizers are a healthier way to use cannabis as they release fewer carcinogenic compounds.

Use occasionally rather than frequently.

This can help avoid cannabis becoming a coping mechanism and can preserve the relaxation effect when you do use.

Skip a couple days before you get high again.

This can help keep your tolerance in check.

Avoid using if you have a family or personal history of mental illness

Check out Canada’s Lower Risk Guidelines Cannabis for more info about safer cannabis use practices.

Some common misperceptions

The following are misperceptions and myths associated with cannabis use:

Myth: Most students use cannabis.

In a 2016 National College Health Assessment study, 58% of students surveyed said they had never used cannabis.

Myth: Driving high is not as bad as driving drunk.

Yes, they’re different types of impairment but both are still impairment. Cannabis impacts your reaction times, memory and judgment. It affects decision-making skills and other cognitive functions that are crucial when driving. Driving high is dangerous.

Myth: Inhaling deeply or holding the smoke in your lungs gets you higher.

Over 90% of the THC absorbs into your system within seconds. Holding the smoke just means you’re holding the carcinogenic compounds and toxins in longer.

Myth: People that smoke cannabis are lazy.

Cannabis affects everyone in different ways. It might make you lazy but might make someone else energetic.