General FAQ

Please see the following for answers to frequently asked questions about cannabis use on campus:

Are there cannabis smoking benches on campus? -

  • There are 2 designated cannabis smoking areas that are accessible to adult students living on campus as noted on this map.  Each bench is marked with a "green stripe".

Is vaping exempt from the smoking policy?

  • No. UVic’s smoking policy applies to vaping as well.

What will happen if I smoke outside the designated areas?

  • It is expected that all members of the campus community will voluntarily comply with the Smoking Policy.  

Do other universities have similar policies?

  • Some universities have similar policies and others have a smoke-free campus policy.

 I don’t understand why UVic made this page. Are you promoting cannabis use?

  • This page provides information about the on-campus cannabis use policy to increase cannabis use education and awareness. We are not promoting cannabis use but because some people may choose to use cannabis, we think it’s important to have these conversations.
  • UVic will provide information and education to ensure that the campus community, particularly students, are aware of the policies related to recreational cannabis and have access to up-to-date public health and harm reduction information and resources.

I don’t know much about cannabis but want to learn more.

What are the effects of second-hand cannabis smoke?

  • Smoke, in general, is harmful to our lungs due to the release of toxins and carcinogenic compounds. Although research specific to cannabis smoke is limited, evidence shows that it can cause lung problems and bronchitis-like symptoms of coughing/wheezing.
  • Exposure to second-hand cannabis smoke is unlikely to make you high if you’re simply walking by someone smoking or are in a place with good ventilation (like outdoors or a large room with open windows). However, it is possible to become high from second-hand smoke if you’re in a small enclosed place with poor ventilation (like a car or a small room with closed windows and doors).

Should I be concerned about my cannabis use?

I am concerned about my cannabis use. Where can I go for help?

  • Check out this online resource:

I am concerned about a friend’s cannabis use. What should I say to them?

  • If you plan to speak to a friend about their cannabis use remember to be interested and open to their view of how their substance use is working for or against them.
  • To learn more about how to talk to a friend about their substance use check out this information from The Foundry and Heretohelp.

What can I do to be safer when I use cannabis?

  • Check out the safer use tips for more information, tips and common misperceptions.

Where do employees find information about cannabis use on campus?

If I have questions about cannabis use on campus that are not answered here, who would I contact?

  • If you have any additional questions about cannabis use on campus, please contact