Sexual health

We offer sexual health services and information to people of all genders, identities, orientations and abilities.

We provide the following services:

Sexual health visit

A sexual health visit may include:

  • health history review
  • breast/chest exam
  • pelvic exam
  • pap smear
  • testicular and/or prostate exam
  • vaccinations such as HPV, HEP A and HEP B
  • birth control information 
  • STI testing, treatment and prevention information
  • PrEP – pre-exposure prophylaxis for those at elevated risk of HIV exposure
  • healthy relationships counselling
  • any other concerns or questions you might have

If you have a preference for the gender of your practitioner, please let the front desk team know; we will accomodate your preference as best as possible. 

Contraception/birth control

Birth control: We offer consultation on a full range of birth control options. We can provide trial samples of many birth control products, and/or prescriptions.

IUDs: We offer IUD education, prescriptions and IUD insertion (both hormonal and copper IUDs). 

Emergency contraception (EC): EC is available in the clinic and should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Talk to a nurse about your best options and timing for emergency contraception.

Barrier methods: we provide a range of free condoms, as well as information about barrier methods for preventing STIs and as form of birth control.

Pregnancy testing and counselling

We offer on-site pregnancy testing and counselling to discuss pregnancy, conception and contraception options, resources, and support. 

Maternity care is not available at UVic Health; we refer pregnant students to OB-GYNs or midwives as needed.

Transgender and gender diverse health

We strive to be inclusive and welcoming to students of all genders, orientations, and sexualities. All clinical staff welcome questions about gender at their appointments.

We offer services to trans and gender diverse students including sexual health information, and support/referrals for gender-affirming medical care, as well as primary care for a full range of primary health conditions.

Intake forms: Our forms invite you to share your gender identity, prounouns and the name you would like us to use in our interactions with you. Sharing this information is always your choice.