Eligibility and medical insurance


UVic Health is dedicated to serve UVic students registered in credited courses. 

Uncertain about your eligibility? Please contact us.

Not a UVic student? Check out some strategies for accessing care in the community. 

What will it cost?

All students:

  • As a student at UVic, you are enrolled in an extended benefit plan through the Undergraduate Student Societyor Graduate Student Society. This coverage includes services like: eye exams, prescription drugs, vaccinations and dental care. This is not a replacement for basic medical insurance (MSP, guard.me etc.)
  • Some students may opt-out of their student union provided extended insurance with proof of equivalent coverage through parents or employers.

BC students:

  • In BC, the BC Medical Service Plan (MSP)covers basic medical costs such as physician visits and specialist services, hospital care, and diagnostic services. 
  • Fair Pharmacare helps BC students cover the costs of medications. All students from BC should register for the Fair Pharmacare

Canadian students from other provinces & territories:

  • Most services at UVic Health are covered by Canadian provincial or territorial health insurance plans with exception of Quebec.
  • Students with Quebec or alternate insurance will be billed for services and can submit receipts to their providers for possible reimbursement.

International students:

  • International student who will remain in Canada longer than three months should register for BC MSP as soon as possible upon arrival in Canada. BC MSP requires three months residency before being activated.
  • Most new international students are automatically enrolled in the guard.me@UVic plan to cover them during their first three months in Canada. For those students not enrolled automatically, you may enrol in guard.me to obtain coverage before your BC MSP coverage is in effect.
  • For assistance, contact International Student Services

If you allow your health insurance to lapse, you will be billed for services at the time of visit. We will provide a receipt, which can be submitted to your health insurance once you are reinstated. 

Some services may not be covered by either basic or extended insurance. These will be billed directly to you. Speak to the front desk to determine the fees for services based on your situation.