Wellness wheel

What is Wellness?

Wellness is an active, lifelong process of developing self-awareness and making decisions that will help you to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Optimal wellness will be different depending on your needs, experiences and circumstances. Life’s opportunities and challenges require you to continually reflect on how to maintain a balance of wellbeing.

Many factors can influence your health and wellness. A Wellness Wheel showing seven (7) interacting dimensions can help to guide a healthy student experience.

Wellness Wheel
All aspects of the wellness wheel are important.

The Wellness Wheel originates from the Medicine Wheel and aboriginal healing practices.

Take the wellness self-assessment quiz

For each dimension of wellness, rate yourself out of 5, with 1 as never, 2 as rarely, 3 as sometimes, 4 as often and 5 as always. Scores for each dimension give you an indication of particular dimensions that you may want to learn more about. See the link at the bottom of each section for tips and resources for improving your wellness balance. 


  • I get enough sleep so that I wake up feeling rested
  • I do moderate activity (30-60 minutes 4 times per week)
  • I eat five or more servings of fruit and vegetables each day
  • I drink no more than 3 drinks of alcohol (for women) or 4 drinks (for men) in one sitting

Physical wellness score: /20

Learn more about physical wellness.


  • I can manage the different stressors in my life
  • I use healthy ways to manage my mood (such as exercise or art, instead of alcohol or tobacco)
  • I ask for help when I need it, from family, friends or professionals
  • I am happy with my significant relationships (including personal and/or sexual interactions)

Emotional wellness score: /20

Learn more about emotional wellness.


  • I feel that I belong to a group or community
  • I spend time with friends on a regular basis
  • I am respectful of others and their diverse identities (e.g. ethnicity, ability, gender identity)
  • I help others (family members, community)

Social wellness score: /20

Learn more about social wellness.


  • I believe my life is meaningful and has direction
  • I respect the values and beliefs of others
  • I engage in spiritual or religious practices to promote my well-being
  • I seek guidance from others when I feel challenged

Spiritual wellness score: /20

Learn more about spiritual wellness.


  • I am pleased with my academic performance
  • I use effective study skills and time management
  • I know how to access resources to have academic success
  • I have confidence that my academic plan will help me to reach my career goals 

Academic wellness score: /20

Learn more about academic wellness.


  • I have a financial plan to accommodate my academic program
  • I have enough money to manage my living needs while I am a student
  • I effectively budget my spending each month
  • I am working towards a career that will help me to meet my financial goals

Financial wellness score: /20

Learn more about financial wellness.


  • I care for and respect the environment and the community
  • I am aware of risks in my environment and adjust accordingly (e.g. safety, travel, health)
  • I try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle (e.g. buying local food, turning lights off)
  • I get outside to connect with nature where there are trees and green spaces

Environmental wellness score: /20

Learn more about environmental wellness.