Parent resources

As a parent, you play a critical role in supporting your student's health and well-being at UVic.

Even though they are now adults and expected to manage their own health, students benefit from family support and from knowing there are many resources at UVic to help.

What can Health Services do for your student?

A team of nurses, doctors, office/administrative staff, psychiatrists and other specialists can help students with any kind of health concern. Students are encouraged to use University Health Services as their health care home while they are studying at UVic, especially if away from their own community.

  • Physical Health - comprehensive medical and nursing care, physical exams, specialist referrals, minor surgeries, wound care, and managing chronic health conditions
  • Mental Health – physician assessment and referral to psychiatry as needed, psychological and medication therapy, emotional support and mental health education
  • Sexual Health - for all genders, orientations, identities and abilities, including STI testing treatment and support, pregnancy prevention, testing and support, pap, pelvic and genital exams, relationship issues, sexual health counselling and education
  • Emergency Care - First Aid, daybed nursing care for acute illness
  • Sports Related Injuries – assessments, treatments and orthopedic consults
  • Immunization and Travel Health - vaccines and travel advice

Learn more about the wide range of services that are available to students through UVic Health Services

Tips for Supporting Your Student

  • Learn about or be aware of health and wellness resources on campus
  • Celebrate success and listen to your students’ concerns
  • Offer support and encouragement from the sidelines
  • Know that Health Services follows closely the UVic privacy and access to information policies