Frequently Asked Questions

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When does my residence meal plan become active and ready to use?

Your standard meal plan becomes active on Residence move-in day.

I have outstanding residence fees, will I receive my Meal Plan funds?

If you have missed the residence fees deadline, you will receive one-month of your meal plan until all remaining fees are paid in full. Once received, the remaining meal plan balance will be added to your account.

Can I opt out of my meal plan when I pay residence fees?

No, the Standard Meal Plan is mandatory for all residence dorm students.

If my meal plan runs out before the term ends, what are my options?

You can add funds to the following accounts;

The PLUS Account:

  • Allows you to customize the standard meal plan for your needs
  • Best value for purchases outside The Cove
  • Easily load funds online at any time
  • Funds not subject to Service Delivery Fee
  • All qualifying purchases are tax exempt
  • 10% total savings at all University Food Services outlets (5% discount plus 5% tax exemption)

The FLEX Account:

Can be used at campus retailers including all UNFS outlets (5% savings), the UVic Bookstore, Student Union Building, CARSA, McKinnon Gym and for printing & photocopying services.

What happens to the remaining funds on my meal plan at the end of the term? End of the year?

Any remaining funds on your meal plan at the end of the first term will roll-over into the second term and be added to your second term meal plan funds. At the end of year, remaining funds are transferred into a carry forward account where they will remain until the balance has been used. The carry forward account includes a 5% discount when used at any food services location and the funds never expire.

Why don’t I receive a 50% price reduction on purchases made through my +PLUS account?

The Standard Meal Plan is subject to a 50% service delivery fee at the beginning of term that is offset by the 50% price reduction that a student receives at The Cove. Funds added to the +PLUS account are not subject to the service delivery fee and do not receive the 50% price reduction. This means that 100% of the funds added are available to spend, and in addition every purchase offers 10% savings at all University Food Services outlets.

If I’m living in residence and I frequently eat outside of the Cove, how do I maximize savings?

To maximize savings outside of the Cove, you will want to add funds to the +PLUS account. The residence meal plan receives a 50% price reduction at the Cove only. When you eat outside of the COVE your +PLUS funds will be used first and you will receive 10% savings on all food purchases. Only once your +PLUS funds are depleted, will it drain from Residence Meal Plan and Flex.

How do I maximize my meal plan?

The Standard Meal Plan functions on a declining balance system, and it is structured to make purchases at the Cove. This is the only food services location where you will receive the 50% price reduction. If you plan on eating outside of the Cove, consider loading funds to your +PLUS account to receive 10% savings at our retail locations.

We recommend:

  • Eat primarily at the Cove
  • Limit bottled drinks
  • Selecting whole fruit instead of cut fruit
  • Try to have one lower cost meal to off set higher priced ones, such as a soup, sandwich, oatmeal, cereal.
  • Plan ahead and stick to a budget

What are the benefits to the +PLUS Account?

The +PLUS account is not subject to the service delivery fee. This means a 50% price reduction is not necessary to offset the fee. The amount of funds deposited into this account are equal to the amount of funds available for purchases. This account also offers better savings on purchases made outside of The Cove than Standard Meal Plan with the 5% tax exemption and 5% discount.

If I leave UVic and still have money in my meal plan account/carry forward, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds on meal plans. We do however ensure all remaining meal plan funds are transferred to a carry forward account which offers 5% savings on food service purchases for as long as there are funds still available.

If I have funds on multiple accounts, how do I make sure I am paying with the account that offers that best savings at a given location?

When you pay with your ONECard, all food service locations are programed to recognize which accounts have funds, and which of those accounts offers the best savings!

What can my Flex Funds be used for?

Flex funds are loaded onto your ONECard Flex Account for use at campus retailers including all UNFS outlets (5% discount), the UVic Bookstore, Student Union Building, CARSA, and McKinnon Gym and for printing & photocopying services.

Flex Funds can be loaded at any time and can be used for food services purchases once your Meal Plan accounts have been depleted. However, for best value we recommend adding funds to your +PLUS Account to receive a total of 10% savings.

More information can be on found the ONECard website.

Do I need a meal plan to eat at UVic?

No, we accept all universal forms of payment such as debit, credit and cash. However, it might be worth while to look into our ONECard meal plan options as they typically offer savings!

I’m living off campus and/or did not get into Residence, and would like to eat on campus. What are my options?

The Tax Exempt Meal Plan was designed specifically for students living outside of residence who frequently eat on campus. This plan offers 5% tax savings, as well as an additional 5% discount for 10% total savings. You can opt-in for the Tax Exempt Meal Plan by month, term, or academic year.

If I only pay for one month of my voluntary Tax Exempt Meal Plan, what happens?

Once the meal plan end-date has passed, the remaining funds will be transferred to your carry forward account where any food service purchases will receive 5% savings.

I have paid for a one-month of the voluntary Tax Exempt Meal Plan. Can I still switch to the full term?

If you would like to switch to a term Tax Exempt Meal Plan, but have paid for a one month plan, we will adjust the due balance accordingly.

Still need some help?

Please do not hesitate to contact our office Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Phone: 1.250.472.4777