Shakers, Breakers, and Craters in the Pacific Northwest

IdeaFest | March 9 | 3:00–4:30 PM

Bob Wright Centre A104

The Pacific Northwest is subject to a variety of geologic hazards, including earthquakes (great and small), tsunamis and explosive volcanic eruptions. Experts from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences and Natural Resources Canada will address vital questions such as: What causes these hazards? Where/when can they occur? What happens in an event? And how should I prepare for and react in a natural disaster? Come early to check out information tables and displays on emergency planning.

Shakers Breakers and Craters at UVic IdeaFest 9 March 2018

Presenters include: Edwin Nissen, Lucinda Leonard, and Dante Canil (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences) and Alison Bird (Seismologist, Natural Resources Canada)