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Phone: 250-721-6120
Fax: 250-721-6200

Co-op secretary: 250-721-6122

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School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Bob Wright Centre A405
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2

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School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road
Bob Wright Centre A405
Victoria BC V8P 5C2

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
Bob Wright Centre A405
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 Station CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-6120 BWC A405
FAX 250-721-6200
Director Stan Dosso 250-472-5133 BWC A405
Department Secretary Allison Rose 250-472-5133 BWC A405
Administrative Officer Terry Russell 250-721-6184 BWC A405
Undergraduate Advisor Dante Canil 250-472-4180 BWC A416
Graduate Advisor John Dower 250-472-5010 BWC A327
Senior Lab Coordinator (1st Year Courses Duncan Johannessen 250-721-7352 BWC B109
Senior Lab Coordinator (2nd-4th Year Cou David Nelles 250-472-4020 BWC B111
Senior Lab Coordinator (Ocean Minor Prog Sarah Thornton 250-721-8918 BWC B113
Scientific Assistant Ed Wiebe 250-472-4002 BWC B125
Co-op Coordinator Diane Luszniak
Co-op Secretary Rachel Richmond ELL 119
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Carsten Abraham
Vivek Arora BWC 250-363-8246
Vaughn Barrie PCH 168 250-370-1566
Peter Bobrowsky
Dante Canil BWC 250-472-4180 (local: 4180)
John Cassidy PCH 168
James Christian BWC A214 778-677-6413
Laurence Coogan BWC 250-472-4018 (local: 4018)
Jay Cullen BWC A415 472-435-3
Charles Curry UH1 206 250-721-7277 (local: 7277)
Audrey Dallimore  
Ken Denman TEF 130c 250-656-3177
Jan Dettmer BWC 313
Maura Dewey
Richard Dewey TEF 128b 250-472-4009 (local: 4009)
Arlan Dirkson
Stan Dosso BWC A405 250-472-5133 (local: 5133)
Tristan Douglas
John Dower BWC A327 250-472-5010 (local: 5010)
Michael Eby BWC A307 250-853-3786 (local: 3786)
David Farmer
Travis Ferbey
Gregory Flato BWC A209 250-363-8233
Michael Foreman BWC A405
Tara Forstner
John Fyfe BWC A245
Louise Gall BWC A435
Johannes Gemmrich BWC A441 250-472-5573 (local: 5573)
Thomas Giguere
Nathan Gillett BWC A243 250-363-8264
Tom Gleeson ECS 316 250-885-4721
Colin Goldblatt BWC A323
Audrey Graham
Lu Guan BWC A435
Roberta Hamme BWC A417 250-472-4014 (local: 4014)
Hakase Hayashida
Yanping He BWC A437
Richard Hebda CST
Martin Heesemann
Philip Hill PCH 168 250-721-6120 (local: 6120)
Paul Hoffman PCH 168
Julia Horne
Ken Hughes
Jon Husson
Roy Hyndman PCH 168 250-363-6428
Debby Ianson PCH 168 250-472-4017 (local: 4017)
Tom James PCH 168
Brett Jameson
Duncan Johannessen BWC 250-721-7352 (local: 7352)
Stephen Johnston
Carl Jonsson
Kim Juniper   A317 250-472-5379 (local: 5379)
Honn Kao PCH 168
Jonathan Kellogg
Jody Klymak BWC A313 250-472-5969 (local: 5969)
David Lefebure PCH 168
Lucinda Leonard BWC A315 250-472-4482 (local: 4482)
Ray Lett BWC 427 250-
Victor Levson PCH 168
Rebecca Lynch
Rashed Mahmood
Norman McFarlane BWC A239
Siobhan McGoldrick
Sandy McLachlan
Joe Melton BWC A239 250-363-8227
William Merryfield BWC A215 250-363-8263
Adam Monahan BWC 250-472-5075 (local: 5075)
Kristin Morell BWC A421 250-472-4182 (local: 4182)
Sheryl Murdock BWC A335 250-721-6179 (local: 6179)
David Nelles BWC 250-472-4020 (local: 4020)
Edwin Nissen BWC A329 250-472-4340 (local: 4340)
Jin-Si Over
Thomas Pedersen UH1 , Room 216 250-217-3641
Vera Pospelova BWC A431 250-721-6314 (local: 6314)
Erinn Raftery
Mary Reader BWC A225/02
Michael Riedel
Garry Rogers PCH 168 250-721-6120 (local: 6120)
Allison Rose BWC 250-472-5133 (local: 5133)
Stephen Rowins
Terry Russell BWC A405a 250-721-6184 (local: 6184)
Oleg Saenko BWC A217 250-363-8267
Martin Scherwath TEF 136d 250-721-6309 (local: 6309)
John Scinocca BWC A227 250-363-8240
Christian Seiler
Mina Seyedali
Michael Sigmond
George Simandl PCH 168
Jeffry Sorensen
George Spence BWC A311 250-721-6187 (local: 6187)
Jody Spence BWC 250-472-4188 (local: 4188)
Nadja Steiner BWC A212 250-363-1433
Catherine Stevens
Neil Swart
Matthew Sypus
Richard Thomson PCH 168 250-721-6120 (local: 6120)
Sarah Thornton BWC B113 250-721-8918 (local: 8918)
Amanda Timmerman
Verena Tunnicliffe BWC 250-721-7135 (local: 7135)
Svein Vagle PCH 168 250-721-6120 (local: 6120)
Diana Varela BWC A333 250-472-5425 (local: 5425)
Theresa Venello
Sergei Verenitch BWC 217-297-7
Knut von Salzen BWC A229 250-363-8237
Kelin Wang PCH 168 250-721-6120 (local: 6120)
Mike Wei
Michael Whiticar BWC A429 250-721-6514 (local: 6514)
Edward Wiebe BWC B125a 250-472-4002 (local: 4002)
Michael Wilmut BWC B313a
Hidekatsu Yamazaki PCH 168
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