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eSim 2021 - a conference on building performance simulation

The biennial conference of International Building Performance Simulation AssociationCanada (IBPSA-Canada).

For Time Immemorial

Curated by Mel Granley with Guest Curator lessLIE

Physics and Astronomy Seminar: Deniz Aydin, University of Victoria, PhD candidate

"Seismic Detection with pi-shifted Fibre Bragg Gratings"


Practice reading, discussion, and pronunciation skills in a relaxed setting.

Intro to Coding with HTML & CSS

Learn to Meditate

Our core practice is Meditation and Mindful Awareness. Participants will be introducedand practice a simple breath meditation.

Bringing in the Bystander: UVic’s Bystander Intervention Workshop

Bringing in the Bystander teaches students how to overcome resistance to checking in andintervening when they observe the potential for sexualized violence to occur. By empowering students to become pro-social bystanders, we hope to create a compassionate community response topreventing sexualized violence and fostering a safer environment on campus.