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Craigdarroch Recipient: Jay Cullen

In the years following the 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, chemical oceanographer Dr. Jay Cullen saw an emerging public demand for open-access information on radiation risks to the environment and human health on the BC coast. In 2014, he launched the InFORM Network, which engages scientists in Canada, the US, health experts, NGOs and citizen scientists to monitor and report on detectable radioactivity in seawater and seafood along the coast. He has adeptly and tirelessly used print media, social media, public engagements, and TV and radio appearances to demystify the science on radiation risk and on other issues related to anthropogenic contaminants, geoengineering and climate change.

David H. Turpin Gold Medal Recipient: Verena Tunnicliffe, Biology and Earth and Ocean Sciences

Over the course of her 36-year career, internationally renowned marine biologist Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe has combined an unquenchable passion for ocean discovery with a lifelong quest to understand the diversity, connectivity and survival of marine communities in oceans around the world. She has led or joined over 50 deep-sea expeditions and discovered over 80 new species, including nine named in her honour. Her drive to make the ocean realm accessible to everyone led to the world-leading VENUS subsea observatory (now part of Ocean Networks Canada), which she led for 11 years. Her current work is focused on ocean conservation issues related to marine protected areas, biodiversity and deep-sea mining.

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Interpersonal relationships: It is all about people (ITACC Series)

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Location: HHB 128

Introduction to Zotero

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Location: Room 130, McPherson Library


Academic Language and Tone

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Location: McPherson Library 151b

China Rising: What Lessons Can We Learn From The 19th Party Congress

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Location: HHB 110

Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Critique and evaluative language

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Location: Library, room 130

Café Scientifique - Caveman Science: From Fire to Bows