Aug 2013 400 Field School

Field School participants

29 students, the largest group ever, participated in this years Advanced Field School (EOS 400).  The group departed Victoria on August 21st, and traveled more than 3000 km over the course of the 10 day field school.  Highlights of this years trip included observing the devastation attributable to the floods that ripped through Canmore and Calgary during the spring of this year; and being guided up to the Burgess Shale by two UVic alumni, Martin Van der Bergh and Guy Hoffman.  Guy's efforts were particularly heroic as he led a group all the way up to Walcott's Quarry despite having had a bear spray can explode in his face that morning.  Once again, David Nelles made sure that the transect of the Cordilleran Orogen ran flawlessly, and graduate students Jess Shaw and Sean Mullan are thanked for providing expert instruction.