Financial support

The department offers a range of scholarships and fellowships, and other opportunities through graduate co-opMitacs and the Pacific Intitute for Mathematical Sciences (PIMS).

Our grad students are paid to conduct research and can access many awards and scholarships. Learn more about UVic's financial support for graduate students.

All our graduate students are eligible for TA positions. These include positions as markers, leading tutorial classes, working in the assistance centre, and, for the best students, teaching classes.

NSERC fellowships

These are available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents only
Their value is currently $17,300 per annum for PGSA masters and $21,000 for PGS doctorate. Students can apply through the university by september (or directly to NSERC by December) of the year preceding the tenure of the fellowship. Details are available in the department office.

UVic fellowships

Their value is up to a maximum of $13,500 per annum (Masters) or $15,000 per annum (PhD). Students applying for admission can also apply for a fellowship on the last page of the admission application; continuing students can obtain details from the graduate advisor. 
A grade point average of at least 7.0 (A-) is necessary.

Faculty research grants

Individual faculty may support graduate students from their own research grants.

Teaching assistant positions

Depending on budgetary considerations, there may be a limited number of marking and/or instructing positions available. These positions may not be available on a continuing basis and therefore should not be counted upon for long term support. The number of hours and the amount of pay are regulated by the CUPE 4163 components I and II collective agreement. If you are not a Canadian citizen or permant resident you must obtain a work permit. There is a Canada employment centre office on campus that can assist you.