K-12 outreach

We are involved in many K-12 outreach activities, including:

  • The Forever Annual Math Exhibiition (FAME) is the math equivalent of a science fair.
  • Math Mania is an evening of fun hands-on activities for learning math and computer science geared towards elementary school children.
  • Math Camps are week long summer math camps for high school students. For 2022 we are hosting the IMAGINING UVIC (Inspiring Mathematical Growth and Intuition in Girls) camp.
  • Several different math contests.
  • Science Venture runs weekly summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) camps at UVic for students entering grades 1-9. 
  • Let's Talk Science which delivers a wide variety of meaningful STEM learning experiences in both school and community settings.

Let's Talk Science - Math Escape, Nov. 16, 2017