Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA)

The Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA) offer exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to carry out research in their field of study. The projects are then displayed in poster format at the JCURA fair in March every year.

2022/2023 recipients

Bednarksi, Sam

Tsao, Danielle

2021/2022 recipient

Moss, Elena

2020/2021 recipients

Hobson, Bronwyn

Hof, Steve

Marchessault, Elise

Wu, Xuchen

2019/2020 recipients

Getz, Alan

Hoepner, Julia

Ogden, Shannon

2018/2019 recipients

Leclerc, Etienne

Liu, Pengqi

Preissl, Dayton

2017/2018 recipients

Cai, Jo

Schmid, Todd

Wilson, Andrew

Wu, Songfeng

2016/2017 recipients

Adams, Zachary

Bowditch, Flora

Nagrocki, Jacob

Ruiz, Lena

Simmons, Jake Steven Zimmermann

2015/2016 recipients

Lampman, Chloe

Hudson, Daniel

Liu, Haggai

Benson, Nick

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