Hannah Sinclair

Hannah Sinclair
Chemistry teacher

MSc Chemistry with a focus on inorganic synthesis (2017)

Hannah currently teaches International Baccalaureate Diploma Program grades 11 and 12 chemistry at an International high school located in Shawnigan Lake. Her position requires more than just lecturing in classrooms, as a DP teacher, she also acts as the supervisor for the students. Students must write a 4000-word research essay, where she is their supervisor, and they must also do a research project in chemistry, where they work one on one with her.

Working as a grad student, I was provided the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for first year; it was at UVic where I learned that I loved to teach chemistry. The interaction with the students is dynamic, and the fact that most of those students found chemistry challenging, I took it as a challenge myself to make it easier for them, and guide them throughout their course. My experience in the lab and in a teaching environment has provided me with fantastic experiences that I use while I teach my high school classes. It was at UVic where my teaching career started.