Technology transfer

Plurilock Security Solutions Inc., a spin-off company from UVic, provides cutting-edge network security solutions that protect against identity fraud and cyber-attacks. Pictured: Dr. Issa Traore from UVic Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Dr. Youssef Nakkabi, senior scientist and programmer at Plurilock.

Our Industry Liaison Officers (ILO) are here to help UVic faculty members, researchers and inventors maximize the potential of their discoveries.

When an innovation is developed at UVic, there are ways to "transfer" it to the private or public sector for the benefit of the society. This can happen through technology licensing or by starting up a new company. While these avenues present certain opportunities, it is important that the innovation or core technology is protected. The whole spectrum of technology transfer starts by disclosing your invention to the RPKM office in accordance with UVic’s Policy on Intellectual Property. RPKM is dedicated to customizing the approach to fit the needs of each individual faculty member, researcher or inventor. 

Intellectual Property Management

The World Intellectual Property Organization defines intellectual property (IP) as the creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, and symbols, names and images used in commerce.

IP can be protected by:

  • Patent: protection against others to make, use or sell one’s invention
  • Copyright: protection against others to make copies of and distribute one’s literary or artistic work
  • Trademark: protection of a unique combination of words, designs, or both that identify specific goods or services
  • Industrial Design: protection of non-functional design features (e.g. shape or pattern) of a product
  • Trade Secret: protection by not disclosing the information to the public
  • Contract: protection through an agreement between the IP owner and the third party

If IP was developed at the University of Victoria the UVic IP policy shall apply. At UVic, we have a creator-owned policy where there are obligations to UVic for disclosure and sharing revenue when commercialization is pursued. (Note: IP Ownership can be subject to terms associated with funding agencies). The ILO and contracts staff of RPKM will work closely with UVic community members to sort through issues related to IP and develop agreements that allow for research collaboration, commercialization or knowledge mobilization.

Technology Licensing

Licencing is one of the principle methods of transferring university-developed technologies or inventions to the greater community. UVic researchers and inventors have the option to partner with the university to undertake the commercialization of their IP. Within the framework of the creator-owned IP policy of UVic, RPKM can help potential partners to evaluate new technologies, secure IP protection, identify potential licensees, promote technologies to target markets and negotiate licenses that are fair to the inventors, the university and the licensee.

Spin-off Company Development

Building a business venture can become a viable option when an innovation or technology is ‘platform’ in nature and can be manifested into multiple products or services.

The Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE), an initiative of the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, has its door open to entrepreneurs connected with the university to help their new ventures succeed through a structured program that includes guidance and mentorship from experienced community advisors.