Community partnerships

The GS 505 course pairs up graduate students with practitioners and policymakers in the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to produce research that is immediately applicable to the world around them. Pictured: Kim Danderfer, MCFD, Wayne Mitic and Gord Miller, instructors and students from the 2014 GS505 course.

Collaborative discovery for social innovation

Connect with UVic researchers and students. Together, we can develop practical solutions for your important questions.

We can help:

  • connect you with the right people for your idea or project
  • provide information about funding and grant opportunities
  • develop written agreements and assist with project planning for strong partnerships
  • clarify regulatory requirements including ethics applications
  • explore ways to communicate your project results

Contact community partnerships for more information.

How can I find a research partner?

Interested in exploring a research idea or question? Whether you’re a community organization or a UVic student or faculty member looking to collaborate, tell us about your research idea and we will try to help connect you to the right people to move your project forward.