Internal grants

The university provides opportunities for funding to support the publication of scholarly books and creative work, small research projects and scholarly conference travel to tenured or tenure-track faculty members. You may also apply for a research grant in lieu of salary or use professional development allowance funds to support your research program.

Book/creative work subvention fund

The purpose of this fund is to assist UVic faculty members with the publishing of scholarly books and creative work. Costs associated with journal or conference publications are not covered.

Applications are accepted three times per year by May 1, September 1 and January 1. The next available deadline for submitting funding requests is May 1, 2020.

Contact: Jessica Worsley, International Grants Facilitator

Internal research/creative project grant (IRCPG)

These small grants are normally considered to be "seed" grants to help you prepare for larger external grants. Funds for the annual grant competition come from the Office of Research Services and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

Deadline: March 1 annually.

Contact: Sylvia Oliver, Research Programs Liaison

Scholarly conference/artistic performance travel grant

The Office of Research Services administers a travel grant program to assist faculty members to present their work at conferences and other scholarly forums.

These funds are often insufficient to cover all expenses. Be sure to always include requests for dissemination expenses in your external grants.

Deadline: At least 2 weeks prior to event

Contact: Angela Colpron, Research Finances Liaison

Research grant in lieu of salary (RGLS)

Under Revenue Canada Guidelines, certain expenses pertaining to research that are paid for out of a faculty member's salary have tax-free status.

The RGLS program allows faculty members to divert a portion of their salary to cover research-related expenses. This is particularly helpful during sabbatical years, but the RGLS program can be used any time.

For RGLS starting on or after Application deadline
July 1 May 1
September 1 July 1
January 1 November 1
May 1 March 1

RH8025 Policy (and associated procedures)

Application Form

Income tax act: Scholarships, research grants and other education assistance

Contact: Sylvia Oliver, Research Programs Liaison