Associate Vice President Research Operations

The Associate Vice-President Research works in parallel with the Vice-President Research to promote and facilitate research and to liaise with faculty and academic administrators on matters of significance to the research mission of the university at the University of Victoria. The role includes:

  • strategic planning
  • policy development
  • oversight and liaison
  • communications
  • other critical support to the Vice-President Research
Roles and Responsibilities 

The AVPRO has taken the lead on research operational planning and management issues. With the Vice-President Research she looks at ways in which UVic can better plan, manage and administer its significant research projects and infrastructure. Dr. Scarth is responsible for the Office of Research Services and the Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unite and participates in internal university committees related to risk management, facilities development and integrated planning.

The AVPRO and AVPR work jointly with the Vice-President Research, Associate Deans Research and Centre Directors on broader matters of significance to the research mission of UVic, including strategic planning and policy development for research, communications, and oversight of internal processes and regulations.

The Office of Research Services (ORS) supports the innovative and exciting research that is being conducted at the University of Victoria by our world-class researchers.

Our staff will provide you with advice about research opportunities. We’ll work with grant facilitators in the faculties to support you as you develop your research proposal and get regulatory approvals. If the funding agency requires a contractual agreement, we’ll develop the agreements that describe the necessary legal provisions such as the protection of intellectual property.

We are here to support the research community at the University of Victoria. Please let us know how we can help.

Rachael Scarth
Associate Vice President Research Operations

Dr. Scarth is the Associate Vice-President Research Operations at the University of Victoria UVic (BC), with responsibility for the direction and overall management of the operational units in UVic’s Office of Research Services, research services strategic planning and policy functions, development of ORS budget framework and planning and the administration of regulatory committees in support of research.

Dr. Scarth received her doctorate from the University of Cambridge in plant breeding and genetics in 1981. After a post-doctoral fellowship with Agriculture Canada, Dr. Scarth joined the Department of Plant Science at the University of Manitoba in the canola breeding program. Dr. Scarth is the co-developer of over 30 canola and rapeseed cultivars with special oil quality traits including the world’s first canola cultivar with low linolenic oil quality. She has a career total of over 60 publications and received an Honorary Life Membership from the Manitoba Seed Growers Association in 1998 and an Honorary Life Membership from the Canadian Seed Growers Association in 2000.  From 2001-2005, Dr. Scarth served as the Associate Dean Research for the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences with responsibility for the administration of the Faculty’s research programs. Dr. Scarth joined the UVic as the Director of the Office of Research Services in 2006 and was appointed to the AVPRO position in 2011.