Fellowships & awards

CSRS fellows from 2022-23

CSRS Fellowship Program

Each year we welcome a broad mix of scholars to be visiting members of the centre's vibrant research community. Successful applicants are provided with office space in the scenic and centrally located Sedgewick building, access to library and other university services, and valuable research and networking opportunities, all within a congenial retreat-like setting. As part of their appointment, fellows are expected to provide a public lecture on their research activities.

We welcome applications from all disciplinary backgrounds. With the exception of UVic faculty and graduate student fellowships, all fellowships are non-stipendiary awards (no cash value). Applicants must be fully self-funded from external sources to qualify for these awards.

Applications are adjudicated by the centre's Program Committee based on the academic merit of the proposal, the views of the referees and the recent scholarly activity of the candidate.

Fellowship categories

Kierkegaard quote
Kierkegaard quote at Danish Maritime Museum, 2015. Photo by Paul Bramadat.