Community fellowships (non-stipendiary)


The Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (CSRS) at the University of Victoria welcomes applications from interested members of the non-academic community, or scholars with no formal university affiliation, to take part in our dynamic research community.

Application Deadline - Ongoing


To provide an opportunity for community members and/or working professionals (e.g., teachers, clergy, therapists, chaplains, health care professionals, social workers, lawyers, administrators, etc.) to pursue a research project aimed at enhancing the individual’s personal and professional development.


Topics should reflect the centre's mandate, but will reflect the background, interests, and needs of the individual or their employer.


Office space at the CSRS on the University of Victoria campus; access to UVic’s libraries and special collections; enhanced opportunities for research networking and exchange. Fellows will have access to a mailbox located in the CSRS, scanner, and photocopier services, and opportunities to participate in all CSRS social and academic activities. 

This is a non-stipendiary appointment, with no cash value.


Variable; Community Sabbatical fellowships are typically granted for terms ranging between three weeks to six months, though other lengths of time may be considered.


Fellows are expected to share their research with other CSRS fellows, to take advantage of the office space provided in the centre, and to attend the regular activities of the CSRS (e.g., daily informal meetings over coffee and tea to discuss topics related to religion and society, weekly public lectures of other centre fellows).

Fellows do not need to participate in all events but are encouraged to be involved in the thriving academic and social life of the centre.

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis via email and should include:

  • a current CV;
  • this completed Community Sabbatical fellowship application form;
  • where applicable, a supporting letter indicating the employer's approval of the release times and project's objectives.

Please note that any research involving human subjects will require approval of the UVic Human Ethics Review Board and/or the review board of another institution. Applicants interested in projects involving living persons are encouraged to discuss this feature of their project with the CSRS director. All materials should be submitted via email to, indicating attention to Dr. Paul Bramadat, Director. Applications will be adjudicated by the CSRS Advisory Council based on the merit of the proposal and subject to availability of space.

 Please note: Candidates are responsible for ensuring their applications are complete.

CSRS Community Sabbaticant Guidelines and Application